journal: Love Universal

Sometimes you are taken by a thought or a feeling so strongly that you can actually feel it building and vibrating inside your chest cavity.

I saw a status from an old friend, someone I care about deeply, about her moving away, moving to a different country entirely. Miles away.

It got me thinking about time, and where you begin with friendships, and where you are currently. The infinite routes that people will travel down, the eternal growing number of space-times that people will end up in, and yet, friendships remain strong.

Just think of all the friends you have made.

The one night hostel friends, drunk and dancing and deliberating on nonsense and the equations of life!

The uni friends you live with for years until their skin is your skin, and their bones are your bones, and their hearts are you hearts!

The friends you have known since the age you hardly remember, but you know they were there, playing games filled with imaginary people, now talking about jobs and loves and depressions and years-old jokes that no one else in the universe understands!

All those strands of love bifurcating and mutating and travelling at lightspeed across bars and masonry jars and roads and fields and coffee cups and seas unending.

The thing I find beautiful, not even beautiful, pure and eternal and absolutely essential to my very existence, is that these invisible threads of friendship that tie us together over the miles and the years never ever get any weaker. They don’t. You may feel their pull less, but the strength of the thread is still there, just ready to wrap itself around your waist and tug you back into the hearts and minds of those you know.

Humans were never meant to evolve, the planet was never meant to develop life, you were never meant to be born, you were never meant to make friends, but the fact that all this happened in the face of insurmountable odds, the fact you can drink and dance and talk and make prophecies and make love together in a universe that never said you should, is an act that is indescribable. An eventuality so rare and pure and glowing that it’s almost too hard to believe real. How fucking immense.

All I’m saying I guess is that this person’s status reminded me that regardless of time or space, somethings do transgress past the boundaries of physical realities, and these things shouldn’t even exist. They laugh in the face of reality.

Now go give your friends a hug, or just text them to show them the universe quite literally wouldn’t be the same without them.


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