Getting Drunk With Dharma

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Sip the syrup out of your truthful sippie-cup
out of your golden almond heart, eat the flesh of
the berry with gin-sling slowly dripping down your chinny-chin
underpin and underscore the vital melody to your own life

as a piece of fresh fruit burst and sowing slick little summertime fun
secreting dimensions of purple death-threat scent sucked into the space between
fingers and toes. Little by little cocktail trickle upon your fickle mountain-spine,
you are a good dazed friend of mine, carved out of sticks with dull knives
so that the cutting takes a while but is ultimately worth it,
lost in the branches of a sip-sip-sippable lip
a lickable spittable swift syllable rip rip riptide in your mind’s eye
hitting up bars and beachcombing breakfast jars stacked high upon your pantry shelf your
shell-shocked cell-locked self-cocked self, semi-erect
like a ship broken on the rocks, we make churches out of the beams and
dresses out of the sails for boys and girls to tumble about in
and still look good for Sunday mass,
my jeans like those children are all covered in grass-stains
my lungs all covered in grass-stains, stained-glass window
of your proposed pagan religiosity, don’t act like you’ve no animosity
drop it as would the cities with the homeless
I find myself at home less, best dressed caressed
by cotton spot the rot in the mango grove cot

give me your painted pines, rip them from the ground
shower me with your peach needles, let no worms
of sickness needle their way into me
realise that time is simply a roadmap we use to understand the day
the hours of clock don’t mean shit
the tick-tick-tickable pit black spot icky-ickable fit
let’s get crazy with the unkiddable unkillable kids
from the north, those overlooked untouched
beautiful cold-ones, drink with them,
they’ll do you the world of good,
to drink is human, to share drinks is divine,
vine leaves dripping wine why console yourself
alone why play consoles alone
you can be happy when alone but who the hell would want to be?
let me be happy surrounded by my treasures, cherished
pleasure the measure of myself never severed from you

let me fade into the face of forever in such a way that my
form will be stained onto forest floors and causeways
lasting millennia, let me sigh in the silence on a
long-dead planet, celestial indelible incredible ed-dead-edible
bed-terrible said or yell-able perfect red bellyful,
yellow ex-lecturer juror of ex-cons, something close to a conjurer
conjure me up some undulating fun fumbling mind-rumbling
soaking up rum, teach me to love teach me to love
teach me to love so well that I will never die.


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