Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Little shaman jewel made of clay
little belly baby boy born
to be a bleeder,
born to a
weasel, a crab. Little canvas
nectar boy, starting life with
a heart shaped like an
aged into a part that is
armoured. Little sweet kissing boy,
little sweet kissing
wasp, born
to a monkey and a crab,
little aged glacial brain, polar
and howling for dharma, little
by little
mammalian flower boy,
cute little teargas human, holiest
hush from between hipbones, tiny
little bellybutton boxer, lover of
orange and cinnamon hypnosis, born
into a suckletrust, baptised by
astronauts, cursed in
lexical blizzard
bits, getting a bellyful
your little belly
full of milk, little beekeeper
little bloodsucker little boy, little
daddy-loving boy, little daddy-needing boy.
Will you be blackheart boy? Little powderbat
boy, hands like rosewillows eyes
like ladybugs, little boys future fingertipped
and flew off like a finch. That fear
fever little grim sacred boy, born
to a wolf and a dolphin, you
must remember little boy, sweet little
bottomfeeder boy, shiny little suit of
armour-living boy, you must remember,
metal rusts
pour honey on your years little
sick chisel boy, killjoy little boy,
remember that nomads nestle
and dolphins drown, remember
that shouting men lose
their voices, my sweet little
inner-child fearing boy, remember
what your mother called you, little
boy, what did she call you?
Sweet little sugarboy.


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