Lenticular Clouds Above Mt. Rainier

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

This poem was taken from my first collection ‘OUTLANDISH’

I’m breathing in on the mountaintop

I’m lying silent on the hospital bed

I’m swimming in colourless water/

<glacier              ridge             lahar              beatspill               alleyway            root            pyromania>

these waves in my brain are causing me to

suddenly lose something

I’m walking through a dead town

I’m talking

to strangers.
or am I talking to ghosts?

there is the ocean before me, waves borne back against the blue and grey foam, spilling over onto the sands of my shores,
stem cell revival stop
comatose close enough

the waves are beauteous and flawed and hurting lesions on my horizons






what on earth could I be looking for?

a way out, a rupture, a beauty, a door, a triumph against the world inside my head, this grey white world sucking up parts of the outside and remaking them on the in

the violin sound in the basement of your temptation
the LSD tab on the hillside, watching the Sun
the peace upon my mantle
the resting of the running boy from the seas of his aching
the pine trees growing from your shoulders,
the taming the bed of your forefathers
the stony border of the land beyond
the woman in blue hanging about your head, floating in the sky, anchoring you
the ‘I can’t get enough’
the smiles shared over the tabletop in the morning
how we all talked,
each and every one of us springing forth the words from our mouths building worlds in other dimensions just because we had no money
the beeping of the life support
the scarf you made me, frayed and comfortable

the accident

the loss
the lenticular clouds above Mt. Rainier
intrinsically separate, and united in one whole.


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